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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Festival Outfit #1 (Boho Grunge)

It's already summer and music festivals are celebrated in most parts of the world. There was Coachella few days ago in California, USA. I wasn't able to attend but I shared some outfits I would wear if ever I did come. Continue scrolling and watch my lookbook video. Enjoy!

 photo DSC07939_zpstkpbsb27.jpg

 photo DSC07951_zpsfmblydyb.jpg

 photo edited_zpsmifpevda.jpg

 photo DSC07993edit_zpsucoenmcm.jpg

 photo DSC07998edit_zpsbsc9cbxz.jpg

 photo Snapshot20_zpsukukgtao.jpg

 photo DSC07935etdi_zpsmmw1jshg.jpg


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Lookbook 2014 (Styling Knits)

Check out my video on how I styled my knits for the holidays! Have fun watching and Merry Christmas, everyone!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sweather Weather

 photo BeFunky_DSC06395jpg_zps689bf8d0.jpg

One way to spice up a black and white outfit is to wear or layer it with different textures like leather, lace and silk. It's an easy way to create a fashion statement while on monochrome or dual tones.

 photo BeFunky_DSC06379jpg_zpsf8505ef8.jpg

 photo BeFunky_DSC06388jpg_zps1d3af46f.jpg

 photo BeFunky_DSC06360jpg_zps9f7ab845.jpg

 photo 5c7947e3-032f-44e7-9168-f3601cf0f673_zps2cf91159.jpg

I absolutely love this bralette. The front is very basic but the back details are sexy which adds statement to a white top. It also gives me a tumblr feel. The oversized cardigan is an instant cover-up on the cold rainy days,

 photo BeFunky_DSC06409jpg_zps7e9cf3ef.jpg

 photo BeFunky_DSC06325jpg_zpsb323b193.jpg

|WHAT I WORE: bralette from @ootdpilipinas | leather skirt from online shop| thrifted cardigan| DIY necklace | rings from @theroveshop and f21| Doc Martens boots|


Love this outfit? Give it a hype on lookbook and don't forget to watch my new sweater weather video featuring fall outfits including this! Watch my video below and check out my channel for my other lookbook videos. Thanks!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Blogging for a Cause - "Help Banago Make a Comeback."

Founded and lead by Ms. Renee Patron, Banago is a collection of bags and accessories that are beautifully hand crafted by natives of Guiuan, Philippines. The collection comes in various sizes and styles ranging from chic clutches to spacious tote bags. The bags' main structure are banig or handwoven mats from dried palm leaves. The sturdy materials are dyed with vibrant colors and woven to finish off the exotic patterns and intricate designs. Banago takes pride not only in local stores but also in international high-end retail stores like J. Crew, Anthropologie and Nordstrom.

Banago has been supporting the banig industry and providing livelihood to almost 400 women of Western Samar for about 3 years. The brand continued to grow and expand successfully in the country until the tragic Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, taking its toll mostly in Samar and Leyte. It wiped away 90% of Samar's coconut plantation which will take ten years for regrowth. Nothing was left except ruins and debris of the Banago production facility. Even the houses of the artisan workers have been washed out. Several months have already passed since the disaster but the residents are still struggling to continue living despite the massive losses they have experienced.

Ms. Renee Patron lives in the US, but she together with her team continues to help in restoring the livelihood of the people in her hometown. We can also take part in rebuilding their lives. For every bag we purchase, a donation goes to aid their campaign.

Thanks guys for reading. For more details about the kickstarter campaign, visit the Banago website.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Indie Chic

 photo BeFunky_DSC05006jpg_zps29c13c08.jpg

Fringes, crochet, aztec prints - I now call myself a boho/indie chic. But I would love to say boho queen as well. Kidding aside. Here's what I wore during our visit in Pinto Art Museum. I will be sharing photos of this loving museum and the unique pieces of our country's talented artists.
 photo BeFunky_DSC04999jpg_zps5c26a786.jpg
 photo BeFunky_DSC05025jpg_zpsa85fdcdb.jpg
 photo BeFunky_DSC05030jpg_zps3388b14a.jpg

I have always been a fan of vintage accessories and the bracelets I was wearing were straight from my grandmother's jewelry box! She has an impeccable taste when it comes to jewelries and clothes. No wonder, I keep on touching her things. Of course, with her permission. ;P

 photo BeFunky_DSC05042jpg_zps22532141.jpg

These are three necklaces that I put on together. I just made them because I wanted new accessories to pair with this outfit. The chokers were easy with the help of pliers but the dreamcatcher is a real piece of DIY. With limited resources, it's challenging to make something that is uncommon and not an understatement. Plus, I struggled on how to keep the shells on place. Looking at it, I think I did a good job. What can you say guys? :D

 photo BeFunky_DSC05111jpg_zpsf2f1b7a6.jpg
 photo BeFunky_DSC05003jpg_zpse6482b1e.jpg

If you love my photos and would like to see more of this, please watch my recent video on youtube. It's a lookbook vlog of my summer thrifted favorites.

 photo BeFunky_DSC05039jpg_zps485e4c79.jpg


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Throwback for Summer

 photo BeFunky_DSC05215jpg-Copy_zpse5757da5.jpg

 photo BeFunky_DSC05223jpg-Copy_zpsb2fc8513.jpg

 photo BeFunky_DSC05268jpg-Copy_zps9319b5ab.jpg

 photo BeFunky_DSC05264jpg-Copy_zpse9131c69.jpg

 photo BeFunky_DSC05227jpg-Copy_zps3496966a.jpg

 photo BeFunky_DSC05222jpg-Copy_zps0585882c.jpg

 photo BeFunky_DSC05266jpg-Copy_zps8219f71a.jpg

Rainy season has already started in our country but I'm still posting some summer inspiration on my blog. I guess I'll never have enough of sunshine and saltwater.

What do you think of my summer lookbook? It wouldn't be complete without my favorite hat and boho-styled accessories. Share with me your thoughts about my look and on how do you dress up for summer as well. Don't forget to check out my other platforms below especially my youtube channel where I post my fashion videos!

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