Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nail It! Salon Alphaland Opening

Nail It! Salon never ceases to give us the pampering experience that we will always look for as it has opened another branch in Alphaland Southgate Mall last September 28,2012. I'm pretty sure that the people near the area are more than thrilled since they could finally enjoy the salon's services in the most convenient way.


The salon interiors radiates classy minimalism. With its color scheme- purple and white, the whole place appears so calming and neat. The place is well-lit yet a light lamp is placed besides each seat, making mishaps unlikely.  Same goes for all salon branches. 


Everyone of us gathered around and held lighted candles as the blessing of the new branch began. The slumber party took place afterwards and we had a taste of Nail It's incredible spa party package which already includes dinner buffet, dessert bar and of course, pampering services. 


These are just a few photos from the dessert bar but these photos still make me crave! The buffet didn't only satisfy our sweet tooth but was also more pleasing to the eyes as it was wonderfully decorated to match the theme.  

BeFunky BeFunky BeFunky BeFunky BeFunky BeFunky BeFunky

Since it's a slumber-themed-party, we changed clothes and donned our nighties and pajamas. It didn't feel quite different to celebrate such party without beds since the place is very cozy and the party ended as soon as the mall was closed. Although, it didn't last overnight, a lot of things happened that we were not able to take note of the time. We met new friends and mingled with each other. Thanks to Maam Jariss for inviting us.


Don't you just love Dana's sleepwear? She's an exquisite human doll. 


My peg for the night was Blaire Warldorf but since I don't have any long sheer robe like hers, I used this sheer blouse to cover me up. (Yes, cover?! Di carry ang daring kahit kunwari matutulog nalang. :D)




The salon's marketing head Jariss Manlapas together with resident bloggers Tina, Jac and Bea came up with awesome games like Human Bingo, Bring Me and Do You Love Me? to sustain the fun. It seemed like we're still not too old for such games as we were crazy and competitive to win their prizes. :D


I just love Flipsters, collapsible flip-flops that come in different colors and are very handy. Now, you can have your pedicure or foot spa anytime you want with Flipsters. 

BeFunky BeFunky

It doesn't need to have booze, great hits or even a dance floor to create an awesome party. Just drop your high-heels, put on your fluffy bedroom slippers and be in your comfortable sleepwear. Nail It! Salon will help you provide the essentials to throw an affordable yet luxurious spa party. This spa party is just perfect for people who want to spend quality time together and at the same time, get pampered. With our busy schedule that we sometimes neglect our nails and feet, we truly deserve to take a short break and enjoy these treatments. I also recommend this package to those who are planning to throw small parties, reunions and bridal showers. Ditch night-outs for once and wake up feeling rejuvenated and relaxed instead!

Let me show you some photos of how flawless the works are- whether these are simple tones or intricate nail designs. 

205237_384962841559386_1391583379_n305041_395985070457163_1831616188_n 551785_405888179466852_1869409196_n 314095_384961181559552_1830658862_n BeFunky BeFunky

I know right!- The creations are so enticing but it doesn't end there. Nail It! doesn't only focus on aesthetics and quality of its nail art but it also ensures the clients that the products used by the salon exceed safety standards. OPI and Dazzle Dry nail polishes don't contain formaldehyde, a substance found in some nail products that can irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat. Worse, the substance is also known as carcinogenic. Another good thing is while these nail polishes can last up to few weeks, they remain non-yellowing to the nails.

BeFunky BeFunky

Feeling artsy with artificial nails? With Nail It!, you'll never run out of designs to choose from.

For customized packages and other details, visit Nail It! on facebook. 

Photos without my watermark are courtesy of Nail It! and Chrisna Bobis.


  1. Wow, that looks like so much fun! Some really cute nail designs too!
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  3. Seems like it's an amazing salon to chill and get my nails done. I love the nail design. But too bad, I can't go as I don't live near here at all! :(

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  23. Wow, so jealous! The resulting manicures are so well-made - and the slumber party theme is super cute! You're such a pretty girl, and you channeled Blair in sleepwear well =)

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