Friday, May 3, 2013

Young at Heart

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Happy summer, everyone! I spent the weekends with my family and relatives on my father's side in Batangas. My father has six siblings and each has a family of his own so it's really a huge reunion. I even have one niece who has already a daughter. Gosh technically, I'm her grandmother (o.o) It's fun though but I wish I had female cousins who are the same age as me. Most of my cousins are older and male. Anyway, I really admire dad's relationship with his brothers. They remain pretty intact and still hangout despite their other commitments. We get to visit different towns every summer and aside from that, we also make sure to attend our family gatherings and special occasions.
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I guess one photo is already good enough to express my love for summer. But forgive my vanity, I can't help but post more photos. For me, no tool still beats the beauty of natural light in enhancing one's photo.

Although I swore to the moon that I can never tolerate the scorching sun, I still and always remain enthusiastic about summer. Summer is so wonderful that it leaves me torn between wanting to enjoy the sun and not wanting to have a sun-kissed skin. But let's face it, even if we use sunscreen and avoid the sun at its peak, we still get tan lines. (But remember, these minimize skin damage!)
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I also love summer because it's the perfect season to wear bright colors and short shorts. Yey, skimpy summer outfits and not giving a damn! I also love breezy tops with floral prints which are so in this summer. The one I was wearing was actually made from my unused dress. The old dress was too big with unattractive style but I love its prints so much that I couldn't give it away. I'm happy I was able to revamp it for summer. The old and unused is now my new favorite! I'm sure you guys have clothes too that are lurking at the bottom part of your closet. Revamp them and who knows, you may love their new looks.
 photo BeFunky_BeFunky_DSC01396jpg_zps678236d4.jpg  photo BeFunky_BeFunky_DSC01354jpg_zps17b724ee.jpg  photo BeFunky_BeFunky_BeFunky_DSC01346jpg_zps68480d58.jpg
My beach experience won't be complete without getting inked! But hey, these are only henna tattoos and will eventually fade after a couple of days. Henna tattoo can last up to two weeks only if the concoction is good and if you don't wash it until it's completely dry. I haven't encountered any but I heard from an artist that there are inks that won't fade until a year. I think I'll have that! I get attracted to tattoos but it doesn't mean I want one for myself. It's a love and hate relationship - I don't want it forever, not especially when I'm older.
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Do you love my accessories? The peace sign and thread bracelets are made by yours truly. :D I finally know how to do fishtail braid using threads. I hope I can do well on my hair too.
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What I wore: Arm Candy from Nava| DIY Arm Candy| Calvin Klein shorts| revamped crop top| hipster shades from Medley
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Look who came with us! It's my 5-month old shihtzu, Shu Qi. (my sister named her after the Taiwanese Hongkong-based superstar). We didn't want to bring her since traveling might exhaust her but there's no one to watch her at home. It turned out pretty well though. She had fun in the beach and even rode the boat. It's also our first time to sleep in bed together. She's so sweet and cute that I couldn't resist her. You should watch her video here :D!

For those who want to bring their pets to vacation, make sure you bring plenty of fluids. Your pet will also want to rest by the time you reach your place so don't fret if he won't eat immediately. I also mentioned that I took Shu Qi for a boat ride. She loved looking at the sea but she got scared of the sound of the motor boat. You may also want to consider that.

How about you guys? How do you dress up for summer? Have you also tried revamping your clothes? Tag me your posts! :D



  1. Lovely outfit and nice pictures :)

  2. Love your style - festival summer chic :) now following you via GFC. Please come visit me at sometime! Katie-xo

  3. love that henna anchor! your blog is amazing :)

  4. Cool summer fashion! I'd love to go swimming :)

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    1. Thanks Chai! Me too. I wish I could spend the whole summer island hopping.

  5. Oh I definitely need to revamp some of my older pieces... I love doing that because you get new things for no cost! Loving the anchor, perfect for a day on the beach!

    1. Exactly. Who wouldn't think that you can come up with something you have already stopped using? Thanks for your compliment. <3

  6. Love your outfit. So comfort to go around the beach.
    Btw, It's nice tattoo.


    1. Thank you! I wish I could have it longer but it has faded now.

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  13. The print in ur blouse is adorable ^^
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    1. Thanks Ileana. That's the reason why I thought of revamping it.

  14. I always tend to revamp my clothing, it's the best way to make my wardrobe versatile. :) /Madison

  15. Great laid back look! Superrrr cute dog!


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