Friday, September 5, 2014

Blogging for a Cause - "Help Banago Make a Comeback."

Founded and lead by Ms. Renee Patron, Banago is a collection of bags and accessories that are beautifully hand crafted by natives of Guiuan, Philippines. The collection comes in various sizes and styles ranging from chic clutches to spacious tote bags. The bags' main structure are banig or handwoven mats from dried palm leaves. The sturdy materials are dyed with vibrant colors and woven to finish off the exotic patterns and intricate designs. Banago takes pride not only in local stores but also in international high-end retail stores like J. Crew, Anthropologie and Nordstrom.

Banago has been supporting the banig industry and providing livelihood to almost 400 women of Western Samar for about 3 years. The brand continued to grow and expand successfully in the country until the tragic Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, taking its toll mostly in Samar and Leyte. It wiped away 90% of Samar's coconut plantation which will take ten years for regrowth. Nothing was left except ruins and debris of the Banago production facility. Even the houses of the artisan workers have been washed out. Several months have already passed since the disaster but the residents are still struggling to continue living despite the massive losses they have experienced.

Ms. Renee Patron lives in the US, but she together with her team continues to help in restoring the livelihood of the people in her hometown. We can also take part in rebuilding their lives. For every bag we purchase, a donation goes to aid their campaign.

Thanks guys for reading. For more details about the kickstarter campaign, visit the Banago website.


  1. This was superb, love things like this that give back to people. Amazing xx

  2. Hello beautiful, I'm a long time, lol, but I do not go, you can check?

    These beautiful, I really like


  3. Bask in the beauty of our new designs for Banig (reed grass) products. These new designs are of the same quality and craftsmanship as the ones you find in Kultura but cheaper because we intend to offer reasonable prices so that you can all enjoy our own Filipino-made craft as well as share it to the world. This is our first batch of designs and on hand and we will be uploading more in the days to come. Check these out!



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