Wednesday, January 8, 2014


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I'm actually a crammer sometimes, rummaging through my closet to find whatever pieces that may work. Though I love to plan and prepare my outfits, I sometimes end up having less time and perhaps, indecision. My better resolution then is to use clothes with intricate details as there is less or no need for accessorizing. These could be tops or dresses with bold prints, sheer panels or extraordinary beadwork. I spare myself the stress from last minute preparation because these staple pieces work best when worn in simplicity.
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This top, for example, the one I wore during my cousin's wedding, is an attention catcher because of its cut-out details. It's one of favorites because I can pair it up with simple bottoms without looking ordinary. I was good to go after finding a nice floral skirt and plain black flats.

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Hype this look on lookbook.
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Don't you know this skirt was thrifted? I was going to buy a brand new one during the Supersale bazaar last year. Good thing I didn't because few days after, Adly and I found a similar item in a vintage shop. I was one lucky girl, thinking that the skirt is really for me. Haven't you experienced not buying the item you just loved at first impulse and then seeing it again on sale just few days after?!

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Last hooray to my black frizzy hair. I just had my hair dyed and experienced the trending hair blowout. It's incredibly good. It's an awesome treatment because it smooths the hair and restores its natural glow and volume. Super nice!

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What I wore: Black cut-out top| Forever21 belt| thrifted floral skirt| Solemate black flats

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Congratulations to the newly weds! Now, Mr. and Mrs. Rolluqui. :)

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Thanks to my sister Trisha, my amateur and patient photographer during family events.



  1. Love your outfit!! Cute!

  2. Very pretty !! I love your look !! Amazing pfhotos !!
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  3. The skirt! <3 Heehee. Aren't you glad we found it? :D

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