Friday, December 6, 2013


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I never missed a single day without strolling on the beach during our vacation in Boracay Island. Do I sound naive if I tell you that it's one of my favorite past time? I did wake up early to watch the sunrise, feeling the cool morning breeze on my skin while walking on soft trails brought by low tide.

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The thing is, the sun doesn't rise in the direction where you face the beach. It's the same thing we encountered in Bali. I hadn't realized it until we reached the shore at dawn. It's still a good view though.

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Hype this look on lookbook.
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I was up for something boho but since I was headed to the beach, I didn't think about wearing layered or long flowy skirt. Instead, I had these crochet shorts and vintage tribal top. Though I am sometimes into trends and have my own fashion inspirations, I still see to it that my choice of style doesn't only compliment my personality but as well as my physical attributes. I do aspire to wear long dresses, layered clothes and oversized hobo tops but for those people who have petite frame like mine, we might want to tone it down.

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"Boho style is the epitome of relaxed, Cali-cool comfort." This eclectic flair is individual, free-spirited and romantic. For that gypsy boho look, one can layer contrasting patterns and textures and finish that by wearing a pile of accessories. To wear a bohemian style is to accessorize obsessively.

Meanwhile, my style is bohemian but not to that point of extreme as I wanted to tone it down. Matching crochet shorts with these tribal patterns and accessorizing with bangles and feather headband have made me attained my kind of boho look.

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Crochet is a trend for the free-spirited gypsies and when mixed with different prints and right accessories, one could achieve an effortlessly unique boho look.

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Aren't these elephants so cute? I have plenty of them in my luggage. Of course not the real ones, silly. I have another top with elephant prints which I will be posting soon. Elephant-lover here. ;D

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What I wore: thrifted tribal top| crochet shorts from Must Haves| Bench Hat| bangles from Landmark

PS. I already start to fancy vintage pieces and I'm thinking about posting some of my latest finds and maybe make a list of thrift-shopping do and don'ts. Yes? :D



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  2. What a fab shorts and legs You have her <3


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