Saturday, April 20, 2013

We Can Break Rules

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I'm always fond of earth tones. They are good neutralizers, making it easy to match them with other colors. Mix them with vibrant colors and you'll get the instant pop without looking over-the-top. You can choose darker hues or play with its color wheel and never look boring. Think about army green, coyote brown or caramel - play it right and you'll look interesting and mysterious for me.

This is what I wore during the recent Supersale bazaar where I sported a rock/military chic look. I ignored the camou especially its loose-fitting jacket because I could just find them everywhere. I love trends but sometimes, I feel sick to wear what everyone's already wearing. Can you relate to me if I say that there are times when I succumb to passing fads but only wear them when they're not in anymore?! Another thing, even though I find it sexy for some people to wear jackets longer than their shorts, I might not probably enjoy such look on myself.

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This bomber jacket is the second military jacket I bought in a thrift shop. You can read my outfit post wearing the first one here. It was my sister who first introduced me to thrift shops but I was not enthusiastic about it. It was my two friends in college who made me eventually want and yes, love thrift shopping. Anyway, I found this jacket after taking a second look around the shop. (Meant for me to buy!! :)) We were already leaving when my friend almost passed out. She hadn't taken lot of liquids, making the heat more unbearable for her. Fortunately, the people who manage the shop are not only kind in giving discounts, they're also helpful and caring.

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To glam it up but still attain a dark rock/military look, I thought about finishing it off with gold metallic shorts and bronze sneaker wedges. I first saw these gold metallic shorts on Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad and I really said that I want one. The shorts looks so sporty and stylish, I can even wear them with crisp white shirt.

While writing this post, I realized that I have to thank her for my entire outfit post.(yes, the one I mentioned before) She was with me when I purchased these shorts in Riot and we would not be in that boutique if it wasn't for her. We were to get our nurse licenses but the computer lost her data and we had to wait for hours before she could get hers. To kill time, we went to a nearby mall and visit Riot (one of our favorite shops) and viola - I got my shorts! Also, she's the one who told me to visit the department store for wedge sneakers. It's funny how her mishaps lead me to these fabulous finds.

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How about you guys? How are you going to style your military look? Let's talk, leave me your comments. Don't forget to hype this on lookbook and on instagram as well!



  1. I love the metallic mixed with military look! Those shoes are fantastic!

  2. Great outfit! <3

  3. You pretty! ;-))

  4. Love the look!amazing short and sneakers!!!!

  5. Oooh your look is fantastic!! Love your sneakers are awesome!!!!

    Have a look my lastest post!!

    Lady Trends

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  7. Cute shoes! <3

  8. I want your sunglasses ahahah :) <3
    xoxo Denis.

  9. Those shorts and shoes are amazing ! Following you via GFC and Bloglovin! . Do follow me back dear .

  10. Lovely! Can't wait to see more :)


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