Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Universe Will Never Be The Same

Happy New Year Everyone! Let go of all grudges you have been holding and focus on positive aspects of life. Let mistakes be a lesson for you but don't let them imprison you in the past. Learn to appreciate those who have always been there for you and as for those who are bringing you down, better yet make them your motivation. All I'm saying is that another year has passed and let's all look forward to a better life this 2013. The memories collected along the way will never vanish and we still have a great tomorrow ahead of us to create and cherish new memories.
If you're wondering about the title of my post, I had it from the song "Glad You Came" by The Wanted. It has nothing to do with the whole song but I just want to emphasize a few lyrics: "My Universe Will Never be The Same, I'm Glad You Came". The song has a complete different meaning but somehow, I can relate these lines to those people who have been a part of me. I could never be the Gian I am now in this world, in this universe, without them. I'm not always good with words especially if emotions are involved but I'm really thankful for having them in my life and again, I'm glad they came and still continue to be there for me. Before I could be too dramatic, the second reason about this title is quite too obvious- hello, the skirt. :D
Before galaxy prints hit the shelves a few months ago, I already saw and was amazed of some bloggers clad in these cosmic wear. The various rich colors of nebula that diffuse and glow beautifully are quite enticing. The tiny details of stars and swirls of light make these prints appear more natural. Although I had a vague knowledge of how the galaxy prints and similar trends started, I found it really creative to use concrete illustrations of nature in designing fabric. The previous year can attest to that, seeing abundant clothes with variety of prints like murals, beach, floral and fauna. There must be a lot of 2012 fashion must-haves but isn't it just makes us more excited to see which styles we're going to embrace and keep this 2013?
Gecko Hawaii Top
I thought about pairing this skirt with a black sheer top but I already saw a lot with the same look. Print on print is so usual nowadays and few people could pull it off so I thought of something fun and quirky. Adly and I have same peg in wearing our galaxy skirts. Both of us opted cartoon tops except that I played with colors that are not within the color scheme of my skirt.
Medley Skirt
Advan Sneakers
Photobucket Photobucket
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