Saturday, December 29, 2012

Touchdown: Jakarta


One of the best gifts I've received this year is having to travel in new places but then, it's just not about the travel thing itself that makes it the best one, but it's about the trust I earned from my parents. I thought that it wouldn't be such a big deal since I lived in an apartment for almost three years while in college and they're only used to seeing me during weekends and holidays. Needless to say, the timing is also perfect as I recently graduated and passed the nursing board examination. But whatever persuasion and even bribing I did, to coax a Yes answer out of them was not too easy especially it's my first time to travel without their supervision. It wasn't easy but happily, they allowed me to. :)

With Adly and Den at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport 
We got more excited when we arrived in the airport but our flight was delayed for almost an hour for technical reasons. It's already past midnight and we're still waiting in our seats. You could imagine our nervousness but then, we were transferred to another plane for our safety.


We arrived in Jakarta after a four hour flight but we're too enthusiastic about our itinerary to mind tiresome. On that same morning, we went to a nearby market that sells cheap brand new overruns. I got an H&M dress for only 60,000 rupia which is 300 pesos and an Esprit polo for only 40,000 rupia. Cheap steals right?! We grabbed the chance to ride the bajaj, their means of transportation similar to Philippines'tricycle.

Even though Jakarta is a small city, to finish roaming around in a short period of time is impossible. There's no rail transportation that could somewhat alleviate the heavy traffic. Instead, more locals opt for motorcycles and scooters which I bet outnumber the other vehicles combined.

Photobucket Photobucket

Upon staying in such place, it seemed like we didn't want to leave the next day for Bali. The Greek-inspired mansion showcases magnificent luxury that is hard to compare with mansions featured in elite magazines or celeb-reality tv shows. Sounds cliche but it's too good to be true. We found ourselves awestruck by the enormous size but the exterior is only a glimpse of what's inside.

The grand staircase with marble pillars and carved railings is a luxurious welcome but it's the high ceiling that created an instant impact. The fresco painting and intricate decors suggest overwhelming elegance and drama. Seriously, how do they manage to reach and keep it clean? But I guess, it's not something they have to worry about since they have 12 helpers.

So here's where we stayed: very princess-like. This guest room has an office and a walk-in closet that as big as the bedroom. You could imagine my envy and enthusiasm while wandering around the huge closet.

Before we completely lost ourselves, Den's mom called us for dinner. She brought us to Taman Anggrek Mall, one of the largest and most famous malls in Jakarta. We first dropped by Rotiboy to calm down our growling stomachs while waiting for dinner to be served. Rotiboy sells huge buns with toppings and filling of different flavors. These mouth-watering buns were supposed to be just snacks but they left us feeling so full.


Nothing is as good as a hearty dinner to end the day right. We ate in Ta Wan, Porridge Place where Den loves to eat everytime she visits her mom in Jakarta. She's right  about the place; I would love to eat more if only I wasn't too full.
  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket We passed by several boutiques and this one is our favorite. This store named Lovely Lace sells a lot of cute trinkets and decors. I hope they could expand another branch in the Philippines. :)

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