Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bad Hair Day

 photo BeFunky_DSC01737jpg_zpsb2a04bdd.jpg

My sense of style is usually feminine and vintage, with huge admiration to lace and floral but still I wouldn't deprive myself of how much I favor hipster fashion, may it be either bohemian or edgy.

I channeled my inner edge in my latest outfit post as I opted for these black metal-detailed boots and black/denim ensembles. The beanie, plaid polo and and vintage muscle tee are all staple pieces in a hipster's closet.

  photo BeFunky_DSC01757jpg_zps148c4449.jpg

Don't you know guys that I wasn't really a plaid person? Plaid prints became a trend when I was a freshman in college but it didn't hit me until we visited Indonesia last year. I bought my first plaid button down when we went shopping on our first day. The colors are classic and boyish which quite appealed to me.

 photo BeFunky_DSC01759jpg_zpsc73c9334.jpg

My top is actually thrifted and a big shirt-turned-muscle tee. Muscle tee looks better when it is loose so do buy a larger size. Or DIY yey?! Cut the sleeves at your own risk. Haha. Kidding. It's easy as you only have to follow the stitches around the sleeves when cutting.

 photo BeFunky_DSC01800jpg_zps0efe144f.jpg

I hate how my eyebrows turned out in these photos. I should have used my brow pencil. Plus my eyebags are getting bigger and darker. When will I manage to get sufficient amount of sleep?! :( Okay okay, enough with my rant.

Anyway, I'm thinking about getting a new hairstyle. Wearing my Bad Hair Day beanie makes sense.
 photo BeFunky_DSC01763jpg_zps90f0f522.jpg

 photo BeFunky_DSC01765jpg_zpsa90b920e.jpg

Do you love this pair of boots? They're vintage and I got lucky. :D

 photo BeFunky_DSC01749jpg_zpsdbec09b4.jpg
 photo BeFunky_DSC01750jpg_zps5d6314f6.jpg

What I wore: Beanie from Berrycoolshoppe| Esprit plaid button down| Calvin Klein shorts| thrifted muscle tee and boots|

Finally, one draft was published! I missed blogging for an entire month. :( Inefficient time management together with procrastination is my unbeatable beast!

Thanks again, guys! Stay tuned for my next posts and don't forget to comment some love. :D



  1. Hi, I really like these pictures!
    This is very good shoe!
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  2. Very beautiful outfit ;) Amazing shorts ;)

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  5. This is not a look I usually go for but it looks great on you! Plaids are so in right now (well, if you ask me, plaids never really went out of fashion) and you wear the trend well!


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  7. nice outfit! cool shoes!

  8. I am loving those shoes... Love the outfit!


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  10. Wyglądasz fenomenalnie :)

  11. chic outfit

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  13. The message on the beanie look so cute! :D Great outfit, I like the plaid, it's a necessity item for my school outfit.

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  14. Adorable look, love those shoes!


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