Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 2 in Bali: Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua and Tegalalang Rice Terraces

I had to be an eager morning person during our subsequent days in Bali so yes, you could imagine me, being reluctant to turn off my alarm clock and resist crawling back under the covers. I had to or else, none of us would bother to wake each other up and we would all miss the glorious morning sun at the beach. It's just that we really wanted to spend time at the beach every morning before our tour. There's still no crowd yet and we got to enjoy Bali like it's our private getaway.
 photo BeFunky_b3jpg_zps09936e9f.jpg
With Adly; Low-tide 'til morning
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With Den
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Finally, we had a photo together! Thanks to the man who just happened to pass by. 
We couldn't contain our excitement as we left for Nusa Dua, an island known for its various water activities such as parasailing, scuba diving, riding on jet ski, banana boat or fly fish and ocean walking (you'll get to enjoy and walk at the bottom of the sea for 15-30 minutes, wearing helmet supplied with oxygen). Prices range from $35-$80 but they could give good discount if you're going to avail in group or venture atleast two watersports. We couldn't decide yet since they're all fun to try so we headed first to Serangan or Turtle Island.
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It's just a few-minute boat ride from Nusa Dua but it already served as an amusement. There's a clear glass beneath the boat so we're able to see a spectacular view of the underwater. We also had a chance to feed these hungry fish.
 photo BeFunky_t5_zps36584f87.jpg

 photo BeFunky_t6_zps18bb809b.jpg
They 're already huge but wait til you see the rest of the photos.
 photo BeFunky_t15_zps6f5b6084.jpg

Turtles look completely harmless but their horned ridges are sharp enough to break off a finger so be careful when feeding one.
 photo BeFunky_t13_zpsff980821.jpg

 photo BeFunky_t14_zps4f273a00.jpg

They're way heavy! We carried little turtles too and they would continue to swim in air and hit our hands, leaving them painful in a matter of seconds.

 photo BeFunky_t26_zpse08d47ed.jpg
Albino turtle
 There's still more to see in the island! Not only the turtles. . .

 photo BeFunky_t24_zps83a0777a.jpg

 photo BeFunky_Presentation2_zps2258fcef.jpg

 photo BeFunky_Presentation1_zpsd4c116c2.jpg

We had a great time! Well, we must because it's kinda pricey. You have to pay 100, 000 rupia for the two-way boat ride and entrance fee and give donations and tips. They are never compulsory until you reach this island. Donations are fine as long as the money is used for the well-being of the animals but to demand for a certain amount of tip?!  
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We finally figured out what suited us best: parasailing
 photo height=510
They'll give you instructions so you have to listen well while you're above the skies.
 photo BeFunky_DSC08794_zpse8c48a89.jpg
The longest one minute of my life if I estimated it right. . . :DDD
 photo BeFunky_BeFunky_DSC08821_zpsc7c499e4.jpg
Grilled meat and seafood for the hungry tired souls 
 photo BeFunky_DSC08820_zpsd7717967.jpg
My forever favorite avocado smoothie to quench my thirst
 photo BeFunky_p8_zps91c6ff64.jpg

Our next stop was the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. The place is not only exquisite but it is also a representation of the people's creativity and hard work. 
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 photo BeFunky_p10_zps7ceaf7db.jpg

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