Sunday, August 26, 2012



Here's what I wore during the tumblr fair last Aug. 4. What do you think? Hype it here. :)

Did a little dressing up after all it was tumblr fair and Adly and I were supposed to sell accessories and some of our fashion finds. But of course, I wore something light and comfortable since we needed to set-up our booth. I felt like a man, trying to assemble our racks which we failed to conquer until Adly's cousin arrived.


I just love how floral headpieces rocked the Spring Summer runways. They are super trendy and so feminine.

Anyway, here's one of the headpieces that I made for our accessory collection. What's nicer about our headpieces is that they are not garterized and you can wear them in many ways: bracelet, necklace and even bag charm. It's actually my first time to try such ornament but the size of the flowers is perfect so if you're not that bold enough (like me :p), I bet you can still pull this off. We had them on sale during the tumblr fair but if you were not able to come, you can still buy them online here


I always love to play with neutrals, pastels and vivid colors. Since I had enough of pastels, I opted for this earth tone bag. Nice contrast minus the distraction. <3



The denim vest is one of the items I had for free after winning Forever21 Contest. It was during the opening and with the huge crowd, I wasn't able to go around and check most items but it's definitely my luck to spot this vest lost in other clothes' rack. It's my favorite because of its versatility and the fabric is just right for our moody weather. 


What I wore: Headpiece from Medley| Forever 21 denim vest| Jellybean skirt| Bag from Guess| Anne Klein watch|


  1. Love your floral headpiece! Still can't get over how pretty it is and it's handmade! Great job!

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  4. Love your style dear! You have very cute clothes. Love the denim top and the color of your heels! Lovely print on your skirt too. You look pretty <3

    1. You are so sweet! I love your outfit posts as well. :)

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  6. You are so beautiful!! so pretty!

    I like this look! and headband!


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  10. Your hair piece is very unique and beautiful ;)



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